Saturday, June 2, 2012

THE ZOMBIES ARE HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
No really. It's not some voodoo priest or T Virus (for my gamer nerds) that are creating the these ZOMBIES. It's motherfuckin BATH SALTS!!! Yeah I said BATH SALTS like you i was like "my grand ma uses that to soak her feet in when they were sore". BUT oh no we not talking about the same thing this shit these crazy asses are take is what we like to call in the drug underground (underground!?! what underground? i didn't say underground) designer drugs. Kinda like what they were trying to deal in Deep Cover. They change some of the chemical make up of the drug so you still get high but it's Legal to sale. But side effects are it turns the user in a mindless killing machine that has the taste for the homeless. Because if you're like me when I think homeless I think tasty. If any drug make you want to eat a persons face stop using it.That's not the cool drug to do go back to weed family you might wanta eat some pussy but not a face. Like how would it feel tell one of your homie they have some face left they face after y'all just ate a homeless dude. Like the first time I do a drug get naked and approach a man weather it's to eat his face or not. I'm SOOOOOOOOO quitting that day. I mean I'm going to BATH and BODY WORKS and find quit coach or something. I was reading that Bath Salts were supposed to be the legal cocaine. I thought coke made you talk fast and put your feet on niggaz couches not chew on folks.....smh Well I'll end with this dont do these Legal drugs rock with the good old illegal ones at lease you know what you getting into ...... SAY NO TO LEGAL DRUGS     

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Im too cute to pay for it of take it

Ok so i got a text today from one of the many people that have my cell number for whatever reason. This person sent me a message that stated "Yo son I got a young thing on my team 40 for head and 60 for the ass" ....... What nigga really you asking me if I wanta pay for some pussy?!? Pussy is free no really it is for real. Listen if motherfuckers stop pulling out their wallets everytime they see a cute chick there wouldnt be women out there thinking their pussy is gold. And most of the time its the bottom of the barrell bitches talking about you gotta have stacks to even get close to them. Really?!? You got 3 kids at 23 your who ha is passed its due date I mean your coo coo got a echo. Who really wants to fuck a glass of warm water for 80 bucks. Ok I just said allllll that to say this MEN ARE LADIES PAYING FOR YOUR DICK? The short answer is FUCK NO. So why should we pay our hard earned money that we could be using to buy outfits, hair cuts, xbox ps3 games, and personal hygiene  products (all which will help you get FREE PUSSY) Stop tricking off on these random ass women. Oh and PSA it is TRICKING IF YOU GOT IT. Only rich lame niggaz say shit like that. Fellaz the key is this there is a Lady out there that will give you the booty for a joke and a smile you just look for her or just lower your standards. I mean she might not be a dime but she could be a strong 6 and in my book thats a win. Bottom line Fellaz stop playing for sex because once we do we will even the playing field. MY motto is Im to cute to pay for it or take it. You will never see me get locked up for rape or solicitation of prostitution. im gone and always remember dont be stupid stupid read a book     


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Im down with the Hip Hop Caucus and the respect my vote campaign

Respect My Vote! is a non-partisan voter registration, education,and mobilization campaign, targeting African Americans between the ages of 18and 40 years old. In 2008, a year when the youth vote made history and was thefocus of the election season, it was young African American voters who turnedout at the highest rate, over all other young voters. This was in part due tothe 2008 Respect My Vote! campaign, led by the Hip Hop Caucus and celebrityspokespeople T.I., Keyshia Cole and others. It was also due to the grassrootswork that you and people like you did to inform our communities about theimportance of their vote.

The 2012 Respect My Vote! coalition of organizationsincludes: 100 Black Men of America; A. Phillip Randolph Institute; BlackLeadership Forum, Inc.; Conference of Minority Transportation Officials;Congressional Black Caucus Foundation; Hip Hop Caucus; IMPACT; Institute of CaribbeanStudies; International Federation of Black Prides; Men Can Stop Rape; NationalAction Network; National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education;National Bar Association; National Black Caucus of State Legislators; NationalBlack Justice Coalition; National Black Law Students Association; NationalCongress of Black Women; National Conference of Black Mayors; National Councilof Negro Women; National Pan-Hellenic Council; National Urban League; OIC ofAmerica; Operation Hope; and, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition

Wednesday, January 18, 2012